A (Realistic) 7-Step Guide to Finding a Career You Love

It doesn’t just come down to “doing what you love”

Lauren Shroll


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It’s no great mystery. Finding a career you love is no easy feat.

Plus, everyone and their brother seems to have their two cents to share when it comes to this topic. People will always tell you to “do what you love” and “find your passion”.

This usually tends to lead to you struggling. You take the advice of “doing what you love” but you end up hating what once was your hobby, or you go down the path of finding out that doing “what you love” didn’t pay out as well as you thought.

Fast forward…your future self is in a bind.

In order for you to avoid that reality, I want to lay out some more realistic (and easy-to-implement) advice on how to find a career that you love (whether you’re going from “college to career” or your want to change up your current role).

I want to share some insightful steps that go way beyond the advice of just “do what you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life.” (Sound familiar?)

I want you to find the kind of meaningful career that not only “feels right”, but earns you more than enough to pay rent each month.

At the end of the article, the goal is that you’ll come away with a clearer idea of a career you love and would be willing to pursue.

1. Your Unique Strength is the First Key

The easiest starting point to finding a career you love is identifying what you are uniquely skilled in doing.

What is your unique strength?

Oftentimes, we don’t even realize what our natural skills are until we see them reflected in the actions or feedback of someone else.

I say that since you might be reading this and thinking “I don’t know my skills.”

Not a problem. We have a Unique Strengths exercise on our home page that you can use to learn your strengths today based on positive feedback from others.

In the meantime, if you’re personally not sure, think about the times other people seek you out for advice or help.



Lauren Shroll

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